Penthouse Letter moment pt 2

19 07 2008

OK, dear reader… here’s the thing:  This is a true story- and as incredible as it might sound, it actually happened in a small boutique hotel in California.  Forgive the fact that it is not as awesome as it should have been but I am just an average guy and a subpar liar.

I left the room my german friends shared at close to 3:30am, knowing that my van service would arrive a little before 6am.  Exahusted, I quickly threw my clothes in my suitcase and scheduled a wake up call for 10 minutes prior to my anticipated departure from the airport.  As I finished my preparations I heard a light knock at the door.  Dispelling the notion that it was on a neighbor’s door, I looked out the spy hole in my door to see Hanna standing in front of me.  

I let the tall german in, and was immediately pushed against the wall as she stuck her tongue down my throat.  As you may have read before, I tend to be a little dominant so it was a little weird to me being in a submissive position.  After I regained my bearings, I turned the tables on her and had her pressed face first against the wall with her skirt up over her now panty-less ass.  The Dom in me, perhaps provoked by her initially agression, took over and soon I was playing with her pussy from behind as I pressed her head into the wall of my room with the other hand.  She was bent over at a fantastic angle which only served to enhance the length of her legs and the curvature of her ass.  I don’t think my next act was even a conscious one.

With out losing a second I quickly nestled myself between her legs and began to rim her asshole as she moaned into the wall in front of her.  I added my fingers into the mix, rubbing her g-spot while stimulating her clit (or as I like to call it- the ultimate package).  Hanna began to moan louder as I thrust my tongue in her ass in concert with the action of my fingers.  When she came her knees buckled I found myself pinned underneath her reminded that she was alive by the aftershocks she experienced.  

Despite my desires to fuck her, Hanna had other plans.  Taking me into her mouth she blew me until I was ready to explode.  I thought that because her denial of my efforts to fuck her she would have ended the evening with me cumming on her, but Hanna proved me wrong by greedily taking my load in her mouth leaving only a little to drip from her lips to her impressive cleavage.  

After some nice cuddling Hanna left me and I caught an hour of sleep before being rudely awakened by the phone.  A quick shower later and I rushed out the door to barely catch the van service to the airport.  Fumbling into the van I took my seat at the back of a full shuttle only to discover that my seatmate was Hanna and in front of us was Ana and Gurta!  

Upon discovering the happy coincidence, Hanna and I cuddled up in the back of the van while her friends settled in for a nap along the 40 minute ride to the airport.  Not less than 10 minutes into the ride, Hanna had her hand on my crotch.   I quickly hardened under her caress and grabbed the back of her blonde head of hair and silently pulled her head down to my crotch.

With out any further instruction, Hanna unzipped my fly and fished out my cock.  Next thing I know I’m being blown by a blonde amazon in a bright blue van on a major California highway.  Just in front of me Ana and Gurta slept, unaware what was going on in the back seat.   The occasional slurp was all that  gave away Hanna’s activity.

I was just starting to get close to cumming when the van exited the highway.  I reluctantly pulled Hanna’s mouth off my cock and straightened myself up.  I barely had my cock back in my pants when Ana turned around to say hi.  The international terminal was first so all said our quick goodbyes and soon I was alone in the back half of the van.

I don’t know if Ana knew about Hanna’s visit and I guess I’ll never know.  I slept the entire flight home wiped out by my surreal experience. 

I’m still trying to figure out how I got myself in that situation.  Do you think that there is such thing as sex karma?


Penthouse Letter moment pt1

17 07 2008

I’ve spent the last week traveling extensively in California.   Some near misses on craigslist (including a very fun couple who I couldn’t quite sync up with due to my schedule) and a couple fires at works really put a lid on my extracurricular activities.  

My last night in Cali I bellied up to my hotel bar after a fabulous dinner with some clients.  Already in a happy place, (I’m a foodie and a wine freak) I wasn’t quite ready to call it a night.  To my left, 3 women my age- or maybe just a hair younger- sidled up and tried to get the attention of our uberhot bartender, who ignored them as she hustled down the bar to take care of patrons on the other end of the bar.  Now here’s a little tip:  If you are staying in a hotel with a cool bar it pays to get to know the bartenders and tip very well.   In this case, I was able to catch her attention from across the way, and let her know that the ladies would like a drink (and that I was paying).

Pretty soon my three new new german friends and I were hooping it up, enjoying our last night in California in each others company.   All three of them were cute.  Hanna, was a tall blonde in the typical german frame with a great smile and massive tits.  Ana (I know, I know Hanna, Ana very confusing), was a brunette who stood at my height in her heels and was very touchy for a german). Gurta(sp?) was the hottest of the three and had a tongue ring, which is a huge turn on for me.

A couple of shots later and we are in rare form.  By the time the DJ started we were feeling great and were the only ones in the dark, postage stamp sized dance floor.  I’m not sure who started it, but a bump & grind competition broke out as we each tried to execute our sexiest move in a round robin of salaciousness.  

Ana was definitely the one who took things to another level when she started to grind up against my now hard cock. I teasingly grab her hair from behind, which in turn caused her to turn and lay a huge kiss on me.  As we made out, her two friends continued to grind on us- making it even hotter!  Ana grabbed my hand and led me out to elevators.  Once in the elevator I pushed the button to my floor, thinking that since she had roommates, it was the logical choice.  Ana disagreed and insisted that we go to her room, instead.

Once in her room, clothes came off fast and soon she blowing me on one of the two full-sized beds in the room.  She was doing a great job combining sold tongue work on the underside of my cock with the occasion deep dives.   After enjoying watching her handy work for a little while I maneuvered underneath her legs and started to my best to elicit some moans on my penis by teasing her clit with my tongue.  Getting a better feel for what she liked I turned up the intensity of our 69.  Perhaps, I was doing too well because her moans were also causing her to bite down on my sensitive member.

In an act of self-preservation, I flipped her on her back and went down on her with out any risk to my penis.  Soon enough, I had two fingers in her and my tongue on her clit causing her to writhe on the bed and grunt loudly (I love germans).  In just a few minutes, she came loudly.

I had no time to admire the afterglow as she pounced on me and ground her soaking pussy on my hard cock.  After a hot make-out session hopped off, riffled through a bag and produced a condom.  A blink later she was on top of me ridding me aggressively.  That is when the friends returned.

I don’t know any german but in a conversation with a few giggles and a couple of emphatic statements it was apparently resolved that they were coming in to crash and could not be persuaded to wait.  I figuring that is the end of my fun, I stay under the covers and wait for a chance to make a break for it.  Ana, apparently, had other things in mind.

My new german friend flip off the lights as her friends literally fall into bed next to me and crawls in next to me.  Soon her hand found my still hard cock and, with out a concern for her nearby friends, climbed back on top and started to fuck me again.  Ana, the exhibitionist rodes me hard and came again as I bit on her nipples.

Not quiet done with her at her point I put her on all fours (you can almost imagine how hilarious trying to explain doggie was at that point).  As I fucked her from behind I looked to the left to see the uberhot Gurta passed out in her minidress with her legs spread and a nice bald cunt exposed to my eyes.  Movement caught my eye and I looked next to the sleeping beauty to discover Hanna watching us.  I winked and she smiled back at me.  

I (an exhibitionist too) fucked Ana a little hard as I watched Hanna with a hand under her skirt and her other hand grabbing her breasts.  When I picked up the intensity, so did Hanna.  Ana started to cum again and that pushed Hanna over the edge who came quietly (at least compared to Ana).  That set me off an I pulled the condom off me and flipped my partner over.  With her legs on either side of my hips I gave my penis a few strokes and exploded all over her torso (don’t ask me why I chose to do that).  Evidently she thought this was hot, moaning and rubbing my cum into her chest and belly.  Some hot and heavy kissing ensued and then I decided it was time to go if I had any chance of catching my van to the airport in a scant few hours.


That, however, was not the end of the adventure…

Wedding Crashers

6 07 2008

Last night, The One and I went to out local watering hole only to find that we were horribly underdressed.  It turned out that a wedding party had taken over the joint and well dressed people our age were all over the place and full of merriment.  Walking up to the bar we are immediately handed shots from a guy who didn’t know us but most certainly the ringmaster.  We take our shot (the first of many with this fine fellow) and he introduces us to his hot little sister who is in town for the happy event.  She and The One hit the dance floor as I buy some thank you shots for our new friend.

Well imbibed, I hit join the two girls on the dance floor, only to find that “little sister” is a freak (in the best possible way).  She grinds on me in the dirtiest way possible while The One is grinding on her.  I pull her hair a bit and she makes the sexiest moan I’ve heard in a long time.  I mouth, “Lets take her home.” to The One and she smiles, leans into our partner and gives her a bite on the neck.

The One leads our new friend to the bathroom to proposition her.  Seemingly an hour later (but in reality probably 15 minutes), The One comes out empty handed.  We exit the establishment and (miraculously) find a cab immediately outside.  Once in she relates the story of what transpired in the bathroom.

It turns out that our little friend was way drunker than we thought.  The One had led her to the bathroom and taken her a stall where they made out for a second before the girl had her hand under The One’s skirt and was going for gold.  According to The One, she was getting close to cumming before the girl pushed her away, turned, and puked into the toilet.  The One, dutifully stayed with the puker while she wretched. Upon exiting the stall they were immediately surrounded by wedding guests who apparently knew the girl and took her off of The One’s hands (apparently with out any questions of why they were in the stall to begin with).  

Later that night, as I drunkenly went down on her, The One told how good the girl was at fingering pussy.  If she was half as good as she was at dancing, I could only imagine!

Shot Down

4 07 2008

Emboldened by my recent exploits, I strolled straight into a bricked wall today.  Out at a happy hour I spied an attractive young lady fiddling with her iPhone with a half empty lone beer.  Affable guy that I am, I strike up a light conversation and sit next to her.  30 minutes in and conversation is still flowing well, we’re laughing at each other jokes.   Out of nowhere a swinging acquaintance of The One and I appears and we catch up while still engaging in witty banter with my new friend.  

She checks her iPhone again and announces it is time for her to go.  I ask for her email address and she says “Yeah, I don’t think so”  and leaves.  Ouch.

Lunch quicky and $25 well spent

2 07 2008

My morning of meetings was pleasantly interrupted by a text from Perfect Slut with an invitation to lunch at her swanky new office.  I pick up some sushi and turn up at her place of work with mischief on my mind.  Luckily, PS was on the same page as she whispered “We have the place to ourselves for an hour.” 

I watched her lovely ass wiggle in front of me as I follow her to her beautifully appointed office.  Forgetting the sushi, she crawls on top of her desk and stays on all fours as I approach her from behind running my hands from her ankle slowly up to the back of her legs to her panty-less ass. I run my hand over her bare pussy finding her wet.  

“Wet already?” I ask.  As she starts to answer I quickly bend down and bury my tongue in her pussy.  Knowing we were breaking in her new place I figured I’d give her one of favorites- the ultimate rim job.

This entails a thorough rimming of her ass while stroking her g-spot and rubbing her clit.  I like to do this to her, taking her to the edge of a g-spot orgasm and backing off over and over again until she is crazy with lust.  Usually, I make her do something to earn release but I wasn’t planning on it this time.  “Don’t tease me, you bastard!  It has been too long!”  she begged and I complied by shoving my tongue up her ass and adding another finger in her pussy.  

The result of my action was a massive PS orgasm. As her cries rang out in the office, I noticed a little wetness on my chest.  Looking down I noticed a wet spot on the front of my dress shirt.  She had squirted (a rare instance for PS)! Not even noticing the wet spot on my shirt, PS dragged me out of her office, around the corner and into the men’s bathroom.  

Pulling me into in a stall she takes off her top and sits down on the toilet.  PS wastes no time in pulling my rock hard cock and devours it.  Working feverishly, she brings me to a quick orgasm, staring into my eyes as she pulls her mouth off my dick and directing my cum on her bare breasts.

“You know, things would be a lot easier on you if you would learn to like cum in your mouth.”  I say (only partially joking).  

“Fuck you!”  she retorts while pulling yet another paper towel from the dispenser.   A mere 26 minutes since I walked in we were sitting in her office eating sushi, my shirt the only evidence of the depravity that had just occurred.  

I left her office before anyone got back and stopped by the Target located conveniently next to the sushi place and purchased a nice white shirt to replace the one with PS’s juices still in it.  $25 later, no one was the wiser and I was back at work with a huge grin on my face. 

Night with the Hot Doc

1 07 2008

For those who followed my pervious blog ( the Hot Doc has been a long running project for me.  Our nights out were more an exercise in futility for me, as her mid-west sense of morality could not handle the concept of open relationships.  With that in mind, I was anticipating our night out would be strictly platonic.  That being said, here is what I learned about Hot Doc last night:

1)  She doesn’t like to be bitten.

2) She cums like a bomb going off.

How do I know these things?  Easy, I got to experience them firsthand!  Shocking, I know.  One moment we’re dancing to an 80’s cover band and the next we’re making out like high school kids.  

Now, this wasn’t the first time we’ve made out but is the first time we’ve made out since Hot Doc’ mini morality freak out.  Whats more- neither of us we’re drunk, though I’m pretty sure I heard someone refer to us as the “drunk couple making out on the couch”.  Things were pretty hot and steamy, hands starting to roam, and moans getting more urgent so we exited for my place.  

A short cab ride uptown and we the not so drunk people making out on my couch.  My hands worked their way from her hair down to her breast, exposing more and more skin until the top of her dress was bunched around her mid section and bra was hanging loosely from the shoulder straps.  I sucked on her nipples but they (apparently) aren’t that sensitive so I shifted my attention to helping her grind on my though my pants as she rode me.  

It was getting super heated when I made a decision which I will second guess for a good while.  I decided that I would not fuck Hot Doc on this occasion (don’t ask me why- I’m still kicking myself).  Instead, I flipped our position, took off her thong, and got down to the business of worshiping her pussy.

I like few things more than cunnilingus and she made it even more fun with her cute little noises and delicious juices.  I enjoyed lightly sucking on her clit which would cause her to gasp then plunging a finger into her- making sure to maximize the contact on her g-spot.  She got wetter and wetter as I push to the brink and then backed away eliciting groans of frustration.  When I did let her cum it was as if she was struck by lightening.  One (very) loud groan and she tensed up in a series of big-time convulsions. 

I wish I would tell you that afterwards I flipped her over and fucked her hard until she came over and over but it didn’t go down like that.  Instead I gave her a long slow kiss and cuddled up on the couch.  After she had gathered her breath she made a move to reciprocate but I demurred.  “Save it for next time.”  I (stupidly) said and we promptly dozed off.  

Will there even be a next time?  Who knows!  I did talk with her at lunch she seemed to be pretty happy to talk to me.  I’ll keep you appraised.

Exceptional Flirt is back… and better!

28 06 2008

Guys, after a 3 month hiatus I’m back and moved my blog to WordPress.  My previous blog-  was just too hard to manage due to blogger’s recent rule changes for adult blogs.

Keep your eyes on the space as I continue to keep you appraised of the new developments of my life.  Tonight, The One is off for the night with some friends and I’m going out with Hot Doc.  I don’t have any real expectations for tonight but it is going to be fun!